Associates Host Donation Drive to Aid Homeless

Editor’s note: This story is part of our “50 Stories of
People Helping People” series. As we celebrate Penske’s 50th
anniversary in 2019, we are spotlighting associates every Friday
who are making a difference in their communities.

Each year, thousands of people facing homelessness and poverty
seek out Amos
, a Providence, Rhode Island-based social service agency,
for food, shelter and other services.

Penske associates in
Massachusetts and Rhode Island came together recently to help the
agency by hosting a necessity drive, which collected more than 600
items, including non-perishable food items, clothing, household
goods and other necessities.

Deborah McKenna (pictured, left) and Mia Lipsky-Kimball
(pictured, right)

The drive, which ran from November to mid-December, was
coordinated by Deborah McKenna, administrative assistant and Mia
Lipsky-Kimball, national account support coordinator, who both
recognized the impact the agency had on those in need.

“Amos House offers more than a meal to the ever-growing
homeless population in our state,” McKenna said. “While Amos
House may have the largest soup kitchen in Rhode Island, they
provide the means to help people out of homelessness, poverty and
addiction and to rebuild their lives.”

“We liked that Amos house was more than just a shelter. They
provide job training, housing, medical care, meals, and
clothing,” Lipsky-Kimball said. “We felt that Amos house
addresses more than just homelessness; it helps people obtain
skills and get back on their feet.”

Amos House provides services to thousands of people each year,
including job training, childcare and other programs. Community
donations and volunteers make the work that Amos House does

“Men, women and children who come to Amos House in need of a
meal are experiencing a personal crisis and food insecurity on many
levels.  Each year, we serve approximately 150,000 meals in our
Soup Kitchen,” said Jessica Salter, director of development.

More than 1,000 volunteers donate their time and talents to Amos
House, Salter said. “We utilize volunteers daily to help prepare
and serve breakfast and lunch meals, helping us limit staffing
costs,” Salter said.

The donations from efforts like Penske’s associates are vital
for people working to rebuild their lives.

“For the chronically homeless or those facing a long-term
financial crisis, our food program represents their only access to
daily warm, nutritious, filling meals,” Salter said. “For men
and women living in our Recovery Based Shelter programs, access to
clothing, toiletries and food helps stabilize them so that they can
focus on other things.”

“The ability to dedicate themselves to job training programs,
mental health services and adult education is a life-changing
opportunity,” Salter said.

Matt Henry, district manager in Providence, Rhode Island,
applauded the efforts of his associates on behalf of the

“There are ways that Penske is able to make a difference in
the community,” Henry said. “It is part of our commitment as a
district and company to the areas we serve.”

By Bernie Mixon 

Source: FS – Transport B.
Associates Host Donation Drive to Aid Homeless

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