Energy Minister On Mayur Bandwagon

Gorethy Kenneth | Post Courier | March 22,

Energy Minister Sam Basil says promoting clean coal in PNG is
the way to go now because it will be the cheapest electricity
supply for households.
Mr Basil addressing the media in Port Moresby, voiced support for
Mayur Resources in the pretext of providing energy mix in PNG,
saying it was time PNG promoted clean coal as a definite mixture
and possibly cheap energy to help especially rural PNG.
“In a few weeks time, early April, the signing will happen, we
will be looking at power generation and during presentations this
week we have heard different companies talking about shipping gas,
producing gas, processing gas, running power stations and talking
about big mines that will be coming into production soon, and they
require power, and it’s a very exciting time for PNG because
those investments will improve the economy of PNG and of course
improve the life of so many people,” Mr Basil said.
“Like I said before, we do have high voltage lines crisscrossing
the nation and people are still asking for power, so investing into
different kind of mixes also helps PNG not to suffer when disaster
strikes…look at the recent earthquake, gas stopped supplying for
three months, if we provide mixes, we are covered so if more than
50 per cent of our population rely on one type of energy we will
have a problem.
“For example, hydro, when drought hits, we are affected.
“There are many opportunities available and one of them we
didn’t talk about during the conference is the way to power and
opportunities are there.
“We do have wind and good locations and of course, we got big
deposits of coal in the Gulf.
“All we want is to bring the cost of power down, it’s got to be
reliable and it’s got to be cheap and this is what we want in
Papua New Guinea.”

Basil not ashamed to push for coal energy

Peter Esila | The National aka The Loggers Times | March 22,
ENERGY Minister Sam Basil says he is not ashamed to
talk about coal being used to drive industrialisation in Papua New
“I am not ashamed to talk about all types and forms of energy,
clean coal being part of it,” he said.
Basil was flanked by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta and Mayur
Resources managing director Paul Mulder. Mayur wants to build a
coal power plant in Lae. The coal will be mined in Gulf.
Basil said Australia and Indonesia both had over 70 per cent of
their power mixes from coal.
“Here we are, in a tiny, small nation, talking about clean energy
while we allow those two big neighbours to smoke the atmosphere for
us and our forest are being used as carbon sink,” he said.
“In a few weeks’ time, first week of April, the signing will
“PNG must not be fools in their own country while other countries
are using activists to drive anti-coal campaigns,”
Haiveta said the commercialisation of Gulf coal would happen.
He said coal was a base-load power while other energy sources like
solar, hydro and wind fluctuated.
“Coal has been the mainstay of the industrial revolution,”
Haiveta said.
“What is the big hiccup? We need Papua New Guineans to have free
power. If we are the landowners, give us free power.”
Mulder said the project would create jobs for local people.
“We have a nation that has 13 per cent electrification,” he
said. “We have got a huge number of people who want jobs. They
want manufacturing. When producing this power, we can use clean
coal technology.”

Source: FS – Mining B.
Energy Minister On Mayur Bandwagon

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