Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless

Microsoft is planning to make Windows 10 PCs work without
passwords. While the company has been working on removing passwords
from Windows 10 and its Microsoft Accounts for a number of months
now, the next major update to Windows 10 next year will go one step
further. You’ll soon be able to enable a passwordless sign-in for
Microsoft accounts on a Windows 10 device. This means PCs will use
Windows Hello face authentication, fingerprints, or a PIN code. The
password option will simply disappear from the login screen, if you
decide to opt in to this new “make your device passwordless”
feature. I’m totally on board with this – I love the depth
sensor-based Windows Hello on my Dell XPS 13 – but a big problem
is that it’s so difficult to get Windows Hello facial recognition
on a regular desktop. Only very few cameras actually have the
required sensors – not even Microsoft’s own webcams support
Windows Hello – making it hard to opt into this passwordless
future. Any company that can make an affordable Windows Hello
sensor that’s small and easy to attach to a display gets my
Source: FS – Industry
Microsoft is making Windows 10 passwordless

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