NASA has taken a significant step toward human landings on the Moon

  • NASA has new plans for how it will land humans on the Moon.
    [credit: NASA ]

For two years, the Trump administration has made various noises
about returning humans to the Moon. There have been bill signings
with Apollo astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin and Harrison Schmitt.
Vice President Mike Pence has traveled to NASA facilities around
the country to make speeches. And the president himself
has mused
about the Moon and Mars.

However, beyond talk of returning humans to the Moon, much of
the country’s civil space policy and budgeting priorities really
hadn’t changed much until late last week. On Thursday, NASA
released a
broad agency announcement
asking the US aerospace industry for
its help to develop large landers that, as early as 2028, would
carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon.

The new documents contain a trove of details about how the
agency expects to send people back to the Moon with what it calls a
“Human Landing System.” This activity, the documents state, “will
once again establish US preeminence around and on the Moon. NASA is
planning to develop a series of progressively more complex missions
to the lunar surface, utilizing commercial participation to enhance
US leadership.”

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Source: FS – Industry
NASA has taken a significant step toward human landings on the Moon

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